6 Ways To Enhance Your Meditation Experience

Guided meditation

Meditation With Candles

Meditation can be as simple as closing your eyes and focusing on your breathing. You can also maximize the power of your meditation by adding harmonizing elements. The best way to know what fits you best is to try different elements or combinations of elements such as guided meditation audios, aromatherapy, music, light, massage and so on. Life is ever changing, so you can also follow your intuition and see how you feel on any given day and what you feel called by at each session.

Essential Oils: during the meditation you will be focusing on your breathing. What can be better than inhaling beautiful scents? I personally enjoy Lavender because of its versatility and relaxation properties. You can also use Patchouli to feel more grounded, Cedarwood to release stress, or Vetiver for inner power.

You can use these oils as an inhalant with a diffuser or on the skin with a carrier, such as olive, almond and grapeseed oil.

Incense: very powerful for creating a positive state of mind conducive to relaxation. It also purifies the air.

Candle: some people enjoy meditating by focusing on the flame of a candle. Yes, light itself. It will help you on your concentration skills.

Music: if you feel a great connection with music and have the ability to feel absorbed and moved by it, it can be a great asset for your meditation. It will help you eliminating any distractions and creating the right mood to immerse yourself in your inner world.

Guided Meditation Audio: this will bring the power of meditation to you, no need to research, find a group to meditate with, just make your meditation journey smooth and easy. The audio will help you tremendously in focusing during your meditation. You can also use headphones to disconnect from the outside even more.

Massage + Guided Meditation with Music + Essential Oil: more than a meditation, this is really a treat. A treat to yourself. You deserve it! The first time I tried it, I not only felt that I was in heaven, but the massage therapist also had a great experience with it. Both the therapist and the client will benefit through a greater sense of flow and connection.

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